Brand Partnerships, Implementation & Professionalism #Blissdom

Implementation & Professionalilsm: The Stage is Set, Now Deliver with Shelly Kramer, Ana Roca Castro, Presenter: Nancy Dussault Smith Navigating Brand Partnerships With Professionalism & Impact What professionalism isn’t? Not a $5,000 suit. Not your education Do not need to know it all (know what you don’t know!) Professionalism is knowing what to do, how[…]

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PR and Blogger Relationships Blissdom

PR-Blogger Relations Dina Freeman, Kelly Olexa, Presenter: Anna Lingeris Bloggers are incredibly valuable. Online Influencers are essential part of PR. Goal today is to make it better. What’s behind the Corporate/PR curtain? Current situation • Evolving • Rapid growth • Experimental • New frontier PR deal with Budget planning process/timing brands Value Quality Reach Resources[…]

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The Whole Dang Pancreatic Story, Part 4

Part 1 GallBladder, Part 2 Pancreatitis, Part 3 Hysterctomy, Part 4 of the Whole Dang Story… Now We Are Getting Somewhere Early 2009 – He does the test where I eat an egg with some radioactive material in it and they watch it go through my system to see how long it takes to go[…]

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