I’m Taking Care of Myself and Starting with a Haircut

I love getting my haircut. I feel so pretty and refreshed after. At Solace Spa, they have a massage chair when you get your hair washed and I always feel so good when I leave there. I had Kristal take off about 4 inches from the back and clean up the rest of my long[…]

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RIP Patrick Swayze

 I just found out that Patrick Swayze passed away today of pancreatic cancer. This death hits home for me much more than Michael Jackson’s death. Patrick Swayze was 2nd in line for me to marry (behind Rick Springfield). The first time I saw him was in the TV movie, North & South. I love movies[…]

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How 9/11 Change Me

Eight years ago today started like any other day. I had sent my oldest off to Kindergarten. Jason was traveling and I was enjoying a few hours of peace before Sami woke up. I was checking e-mail and I didn’t even have the TV on, which was unusual for me. Then, I got an e-mail[…]

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