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EA Sports Active More Workouts Update #Spon

I haven’t done a formal update since I started the 6 week challenge on November 20th. In case you didn’t know, I am part of the EA Sports Active More Workouts 6 Week Challenge. There are 12 Challengers and we started on November 20th and will finish on December 31st. You can check out myContinue Reading

Monday Mingle Couples Style

I love Monday Mingle because I have a set of questions to answer so none of the “ahhh, what do I say next” moments. This one was a lot of fun. It was a couples Monday Mingle with questions for both my hubby and me. I wasn’t sure if Jason would be willing to participate,Continue Reading

Casual Friday Vlog, My Office/Scrapbook Haven

The post below this includes a video and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about my scrapbook room. I think I’ve posted some video of it before, but this is a more formal tour of my scrapbook space. I really wish I could say that I use the scrapbook part of my office every day,Continue Reading

Casual Friday, DigiScrappin’ Style

I bet you thought I wasn’t going to do a Casual Friday this week. Well I still have 6 minutes to get this posted ON Friday which will be a first for me in quite a while. So…here it is…. Now tell me which version of my Casual Friday you thought looked the best? PartContinue Reading

My First Monday Mingle Vlog

This is my first Monday Mingle. I did include the Monday Mingle in my recent post about vlogging 101, but I hadn’t tried it. Cheryl (@thebudgebunch) challenged me to do it this week and I figured what the heck. So here it is. I like it because I had definite questions to answer. So joinContinue Reading

Casual Halloween Vlog

Happy Halloween Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I’m not a total Halloween Scrooge. I just save it for the day of Halloween. I have my Winnie-the-Pooh Halloween sweatshirt on (I wear it every year). Here is my casual Halloween video. And here I am in my Halloween outfit: Now, we are going toContinue Reading