Project Balance Month 3 Update

I bet you thought I had forgotten all about my Project Balance. I didn’t forget, but had to put it on hold. If you were following my last month, I ended up with bronchitis for about 5 weeks. I don’t think I got bronchitis 3 times, but rather, the med were not taking care of it, so it was coming back each time.


This last time I was on 10 days of strong antibiotics and I seem to have finally gotten rid of the bug (fingers crossed!)


Last month my focus was on relationships and I read a few books. I will review them in the next week.

This month, my focus is on fitness. One thing that I haven’t mentioned is that I had started Weight Watchers right before I got sick. I have lost 8 pounds so far and that is without any exercise.

This month, I am adding in the exercise. I plan to run another half marathon in September, so I’m starting by getting back to running regularly. I have really missed it (did I just say that?)

Yesterday I went out for 5.5 miles. I walked 1/2 mile, then ran 1/2 mile. It felt so good.


My goal for March of Project Balance is to make working out a priority again. Are you with me?

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  1. The best way to destress is with exercise. It works 2 ways. It’s proactive because if you are a regular exerciser, you tend to have more energy to accomplish more. Also, exercise releases those good endorphins. I know whenever I workout I feel like I can take on much more.

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