Recap of the Apple Announcements June 7, 2010, iPhone 4, iOS4, FaceTime, iBook, Netflix

Recap of the Apple Announcements June 7, 2010, iPhone 4, iOS4, FaceTime, iBook, Netflix
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Today Steve Jobs make a few major announcements. There has been a lot of speculation and leaks about the new iPhone 4, but now we know for sure. I just watched several live streams for the last 2 hours and here is a list of all the major points.

iPhone 4 Features

  • Thinnest smart phone on planet (24% thinner than 3GS
  • Front facing camera with LED Flash, 5mp with backside illuminated sensor, tap to focus, 5x digital zoom
  • Micro SIM
  • 2 microphones (noise cancellation mic)
  • Antenna integrated
  • Glass for optical quality and scratch resistance, much brighter and sharper
  • 960 x 640 display, 3.5 inch display, 326 ppi
  • 800:1 contrast ration (4x better)
  • Retina Display – has 78% of pixels that are on an iPad
  • Existing apps look better
  • Powered by A4 chip
  • Bigger battery with improved battery life (3G talk is 7 hrs, Browsing on 3G is 6 hrs, browsing on wifi is 10 hrs, video is 10 hrs, music is 40 hrs, standby is 300 hrs)
  • Up to 32 GB storage
  • Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity sensor, ambient light sensor
  • Video – HD video recording, 720p at 30fps, tap to focus
  • One Click sharing
  • Comes in black and white
  • $199 for 16GB w/ 2 year contract
  • $299 for 32GB w/ w year contract
  • if upgrade available in 2010, then AT&T moved upgrade up to now
  • Pre-order on June 15
  • On Sale on June 24
  • New dock and Bunker case
  • Lots More Features he didn’t go through (calendar, calculator, parental controls, tethering, home screen, etc.)

iMovie for iPhone

  • Built in video editing on the iPhone
  • Add photos, transitions, titles, Ken Burns effect
  • Records geolocation
  • Time line on bottom and footage on top
  • Export in 360p, 540p or 720p
  • Bring in music from iTunes
  • $4.99 from App store

iOS4 (renamed by removing iPhone from name)

  • 100 new user features
  • multitasking
  • folders for apps
  • email threading
  • unified inbox
  • better data protection
  • added Bing as an option for search engines (kept Google & Yahoo)
  • Free upgrade available on June 21 to iPhone and iTouch users

FaceTime Video Calling

  • Video calling iPhone 4 to iPhone 4
  • Portrait and Landscape
  • Front & Rear camera
  • Wifi only in 2010
  • Switch from front to back cameras automatically
  • No set-up required
  • FaceTime will be an open protocol so anyone can make something with it (think we’ll see skype video calls soon?)

iPad Stats

  • Sold over 2 million iPads
  • 8,500 native iPad apps
  • 35 million downloads to the iPad
  • 17 apps per iPad downloaded
  • iPad is in 10 countries

iBook for iPhone

  • In 65 days, 5 million books downloaded, 2.5 books per iPad
  • You can now make notes on the iBook
  • View and read PDFs, new bookshelf just for the PDF
  • iBook available on iPhone and iTouch
  • Can sync between devices your place, notes & bo0kmarks
  • Download the same book to all your devices on iBook

Netflix on iPhone

  • will be on iPhone for free this summer
  • Stop watching movie on any device and pick up same movie on any other device

Zynga & Activision Updates

Farmville coming to iPhone

New version of Guitar Hero available for $2.99 today

App Store Stats

  • Total of 5 billion apps downloaded
  • 15,000 apps submitted per week to app store in 30 languages
  • 95% of apps are approved in 5 – 7 days
  • $1 billion out to app developers


  • Available July 1
  • $60m in ads already
  • Signed on Nissan, Target, JCP, GE, AT&T, Sears, Campbell’s, Best Buy, Citi, State Farm, Chanel, TBS, Disney
  • 40% of all mobile advertising is iAds and they haven’t launched yet

I have been listening to TWIT Live and they are talking with reporters who are trying out the new phone. They say it feels thinner and lighter, video is awesome, pictures do look better, fonts are smoother (no jagged edges), multitasking works well, calls are stable (using the same wifi network), brighter and smoother than 3GS.

I was really hoping I wouldn’t want the new iPhone 4, but I do. I’m sure I will pre-order mine next week because I’m just that way with new Apple gadgets. I have to have them. Although, unless some of you get an iPhone 4, I’m not sure who I will call with the cool FaceTime video calling.

I didn’t quite understand the gyroscope although he demoed it with a game and it sounded awesome. I couldn’t see that with pictures. I believe it makes games appear much more 3D and will help with some of the augmented reality apps. I’m a visual person, so I need to see that feature in order to understand it better.

iPhone 4 video from Announcement today

Let’s Talk!

Will you go out and get one? Let me know if you do so I have someone to FaceTime call with!!

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