A Few Pics From My Austin Trip

I’m in The Dallas airport waiting for my next flight. I am so ready to go home. I was meeting with my fellow AMD Tech Moms, @Techsavvymama and @LittleTechGirl at AMD. Great meetings, great food, great friends…. It was a productive and fun trip.

A few pictures.

Austin Texas downtown
View from my room at Hyatt Regency in downtown Austin, TX.
Austin TX
Classic Margarita at La Condesa in Austin, TX. AWESOME!
austin tx
Sunrise from my hotel room. I could see the sun peeking over the clouds little by little.
Thai cooking in Austin, TX
We learned how to cook Thai food at Thai Fresh in Austin. I can't eat Thai (bothers my chronic pancreatitis) so I watched.
cowboy boots austin tx
A little boot shopping. I'm not really a cowboy boot person, but they had some really gorgeous ones.
shopping in Austin, tx
Horrible picture, but it's a box made from recycled keyboards. Cool stuff.

I’ll have more pictures once I get the rest off my camera. These were from my iPhone.

Have you been to Austin? Anything I NEED to do next time I go to Austin, TX?

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