3 Tools to Take Your Pictures and Video from Drab to Fab

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Now that most phones have video and picture capabilities, more people are taking video than ever before. You can purchase a good quality pocket HD video camcorder or camera for less than $200. But what do you do with all those videos and pictures? There are several online services that let you create fun short videos for free. You can add both pictures and video to create masterpieces.


Animoto gives you the option to use a template or start from scratch to create your own 30 second video for free. You can add pictures, videos, music and text. Animoto remixes the media to create an awesome video. You can upgrade to the pro version to create videos that are over 30 seconds long. Animoto also has an iPhone version that you can download from the app store and create very short videos on your phone.

Here is a sample of a video I created in about 10 minutes.


Masher also allows you to add your own videos and pictures, however, they also have a large selection of videos, pictures, music, text, effects and skins that you can add to your Masher creation. You create your video using a timeline similar to what is used in software like iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. Once you create your video Mash, you can easily post it to Facebook, MySpace and others via email.

One True Media

With One True Media, you upload your own pictures and video clips and then add effects, captions and music to create a Montage. Once you create your Montage, you can share it online or for $9.99 you can order a high quality DVD. This would be a great option if you want to create a video to send to family members that would like to see your creation on their TV.

With these free options available to create fun videos, there will be no more complaining about watching those vacation videos at the next family gathering.

What do you do with all the videos and pictures you take? Do they sit on your hard drive or do you create slide shows and video montages?


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