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Wordless Wednesday; CES 2012 Style

Wordless Wednesday; CES 2012 Style

No, I’m not at CES this year, but I am still keeping up with all the new products. Jason was at CES for a day and did some networking for me. I’m at home with a pinched nerve in my neck. Not serious, but still not fun. This is my CES 2012 headquarters. There areContinue Reading

Samsung CES 2012; Pushing Boundaries

Samsung CES 2012; Pushing Boundaries

Samsung CES 2012 The Samsung CES 2012 booth. Samsung CES 2012 Press Conference I LOVED the Samsung CES 2012 press conference. It got me really excited about all their new products (and sad that I can not see them in person) Because it was such a spectacular s show and it’s on YouTube, so I’mContinue ReadingContinue Reading

CES Press Day 2012 Recap; Technology to Enhance Your Life

Yesterday was the CES Press Day and I spent most of the day glued to Ustream watching all the press conferences. There was definitely a theme. Our gadgets are getting smarter and more interactive. TVs will be voice and motion controlled, so no more searching for the remote. Not only will we communicate with ourContinue ReadingContinue Reading

The CES 2012 Story In Progress

I’m creating a CES 2012 Story on Storify and here it is. I’ll be updating as the trade show goes on. [View the story "CES 2012 News" on Storify] If you have any links you’d like to add, leave a comment below.

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Gives Your iPhone 4 Double the Juice #Spon

Hate it when your iPhone 4 runs out of juice? Smartphones have become as much a necessity as a wallet, but when your smartphone’s battery dies, it’s like getting to the checkout and realizing you forgot your wallet. Mophie has a found a solution. This is another product I found at CES. I’ve been waitingContinue Reading

CES Find: Take the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100 Scanner On The Road #Spon

Nowadays, our offices are not just a desk with a computer and printer. We work in our cars, at the soccer field, the coffee shop, airplanes and sometimes even the bathroom.  That means our tools need to be be mobile enough to go with us too. Fujitsu has made it possible to take scanning onContinue Reading